The 3 Important Factors When It Comes to Liking Someone

When it comes to liking somebody, in a romantic way or not, studies tell us that three elements have the most influence in our emotions towards other people. If you read my article concerning the third major rule about women’s psychology when it comes to seduction, the following may be really helpful to properly apply the principle, thus having more success. Let’s see what are these factors.  Continue reading


Advices to Be or to Stay in Shape

Women all want to stay fit and have a nice body because they have a lot of complexions with their appearances. They think they need a thinner waist, or maybe they have too much fat in their belly. If it’s your case, I will give you tricks on how you can effectively change your habits to have less body fat, feel more healthy and comfortable with your body and hopefully, chase away those bad thoughts that rune your esteem and self-confidence! Let’s go! Continue reading


Two new pages!

Hello guys, I write this short post to announce you that I’ve just created two new pages that you can interact with! The “Suggestions” page is here for you to give me new ideas or subjects you would like me to talk about. You can also, in the “Help” page’s comment section, send me questions about your problems related with women. I hope you’ll make good use of these, don’t be shy!


The Third Rule, Surely Not the Least

I’m sure you can’t hold yourself to know this last rule. You’re thinking: “How can I finally get success with girls” or something like that. Well I’m warning you: this rule may seem obvious to you, but it’s the most forgotten by boys. You know it exists, but you do not apply it as you should. After knowing and implementing this rule, you will have so much more success with women you’ll want to find me just for saying thanks (which, by the way, you should not). Let’s see what I’m talking about.

The rule #3 is:  Continue reading


The Second Rule, the Most Pleasant

I’m sure you’ll agree with the title when you’ll know the second rule. Until now you learned that you have to be more distant from the girls you want to get, but let me ask you: do you think it will matter if this girl doesn’t even know you? Before a teenager is willing to get a new video game, he needs to know that it exists. How can you make a girl know you and then want you? Let’s see the second rule.

The rule #2 is: Continue reading


The First Rule, You Have to Know It

Now, before I start debit all my knowledge about what women think, and how you should think, I will tell you how it’s going to happen. After exposing the rule, I will explain how it works in women’s mind and how you should deal with it. Now don’t think that you only need to know one rule to get success with all girls you’ll ever meet! You have to learn the logic behind females’ mind.  To do so, not only you need to read and understand the three principles I’m about to teach you, but you have to practice. Practice makes perfect, as they say. Now that you’re aware of this, let’s get started!

The rule #1 is: Continue reading