The Third Rule, Surely Not the Least

I’m sure you can’t hold yourself to know this last rule. You’re thinking: “How can I finally get success with girls” or something like that. Well I’m warning you: this rule may seem obvious to you, but it’s the most forgotten by boys. You know it exists, but you do not apply it as you should. After knowing and implementing this rule, you will have so much more success with women you’ll want to find me just for saying thanks (which, by the way, you should not). Let’s see what I’m talking about.

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The Second Rule, the Most Pleasant

I’m sure you’ll agree with the title when you’ll know the second rule. Until now you learned that you have to be more distant from the girls you want to get, but let me ask you: do you think it will matter if this girl doesn’t even know you? Before a teenager is willing to get a new¬†video game, he needs to know that it exists. How can you make a girl know you and then want you? Let’s see the second rule.

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