The 3 Important Factors When It Comes to Liking Someone

When it comes to liking somebody, in a romantic way or not, studies tell us that three elements have the most influence in our emotions towards other people. If you read my article concerning the third major rule about women’s psychology when it comes to seduction, the following may be really helpful to properly apply the principle, thus having more success. Let’s see what are these factors.  Continue reading


Advices to Be or to Stay in Shape

Women all want to stay fit and have a nice body because they have a lot of complexions with their appearances. They think they need a thinner waist, or maybe they have too much fat in their belly. If it’s your case, I will give you tricks on how you can effectively change your habits to have less body fat, feel more healthy and comfortable with your body and hopefully, chase away those bad thoughts that rune your esteem and self-confidence! Let’s go! Continue reading