The 3 Important Factors When It Comes to Liking Someone

When it comes to liking somebody, in a romantic way or not, studies tell us that three elements have the most influence in our emotions towards other people. If you read my article concerning the third major rule about women’s psychology when it comes to seduction, the following may be really helpful to properly apply the principle, thus having more success. Let’s see what are these factors. 

1. We like people who are similar to us. If your goal is to make someone like you, it would bee a good starting point to start to find similarities you both share in common. You can see the change in the facial expression of the person you’re doing this process with. After a few concordances, you will noticeably have a better communication with your interlocutor. You can also find resemblances like the same type of music or favorite football player via social networks, for example Facebook, before even you meet somebody.

2. We like people who pay us compliments. You have to do this carefully. You must not overdo it, but you still have to put on some compliments from time to time. A good way to laud someone is to compliment not on physical aspects, but on choices, skills, talent, in short everything that the person can be proud to have worked on and put effort in. Don’t forget that practice is the key to master everything, even the way to compliment somebody.

3. We like people who cooperate with us. This can be linked to the first aspect, but is not completely it. Cooperating with someone means to be on the same side, working toward the same goal. Now if you want to be inaccessible as I recommend on my first rule page, you need to cooperate with more than just one person. If your goal is to be loved by a girl, cooperate not only with her, but also with her friends. Now how can you cooperate? Well you can just, if you’re all students, study in groups for an approaching exam. After some of these gatherings (and if they are successful), you can ask your loved one to study alone with him or her.

Don’t forget to check out my three rules on how women think and how you should behave to have more success for more information!


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