Advices to Be or to Stay in Shape

Women all want to stay fit and have a nice body because they have a lot of complexions with their appearances. They think they need a thinner waist, or maybe they have too much fat in their belly. If it’s your case, I will give you tricks on how you can effectively change your habits to have less body fat, feel more healthy and comfortable with your body and hopefully, chase away those bad thoughts that rune your esteem and self-confidence! Let’s go!

1. When you eat a meal, try to be satisfied. This is a good method to stop eating after your meals, which is often not a good idea. Too many people feel hungry only after one or two hours after repasts. You need to eat enough cooking because this is your main entry of vital proteins, fat (not too much though) and sugar. You would better eat more at meals then at snacks because snacks are frequently too rich in sodium, sugar or fat.

2. Keep junk food and sweet things away from your house. This way, whenever you feel the need to eat unhealthy food, you will be discouraged by the fact that you don’t even have some in your house, and that you have to go out and buy them. If you fear to get crazy if you don’t eat after meal, buy fruits and vegetables! Through evolution, the human’s brain has learned to give a feeling of reward each time food containing sugar and fat (essential nutrients for the body) was eaten, which has been a good thing for the survival of our specie. But now that we have food with an excess of these nutrients, our brain gives us even more of these feelings, which can be a bad thing for our organs because too much of sugar and fat can cause, as you know, many diseases. That’s why I recommend you to get back to our old ancestor’s habit and to eat more fruits and vegetables.

3. Do some cardio. I know, this is not new, but it’s essential. You need to do exercise to stay in shape, you have no choice! Now, many of you think that they don’t have enough time to do it, thus completely throwing away this idea, this concept of doing some exercise from time to time, like it was a pain. You have to see it from a new perspective. Try Google, type in cardio exercise and you’ll have plenty of them. I’m sure you can find some place in your schedule to put in 20 to 30 minutes of exercising 2 to 3 times a week, and you’ll see the difference! You will literally have a paradigm shift and be addicted to exercising.

Well I’m done for today, I really hope that you’ll apply my suggestions, one at a time, no need to go fast. You will feel better about yourself and your body. Don’t forget to put a smile on your face, see you soon!


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