The Second Rule, the Most Pleasant

I’m sure you’ll agree with the title when you’ll know the second rule. Until now you learned that you have to be more distant from the girls you want to get, but let me ask you: do you think it will matter if this girl doesn’t even know you? Before a teenager is willing to get a new video game, he needs to know that it exists. How can you make a girl know you and then want you? Let’s see the second rule.

The rule #2 is: Women want what other women want.

Genius! Simply genius! It is exactly what we wanted. The teenager earlier knows that the video game exists because other teenagers (certainly his friends) knew it and wanted to buy it before him! This is the way I want you to think. If you can get other girls to hang out, to be friends and even to be interested to you, your crush won’t last long to do one or more of these previous actions.

Your starting point will not be the girl you love anymore, but one of her friends. You don’t have to make her friend fall desperately in love with you (you’ll only try to do this to your crush), you only need to cross this one step of being the friend of a friend (this makes a lot of “friend” in one paragraph). When you will finish applying this principle, you’ll have to get to the third major rule about women’s psychology when it comes to seduction to finish the job.


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