The First Rule, You Have to Know It

Now, before I start debit all my knowledge about what women think, and how you should think, I will tell you how it’s going to happen. After exposing the rule, I will explain how it works in women’s mind and how you should deal with it. Now don’t think that you only need to know one rule to get success with all girls you’ll ever meet! You have to learn the logic behind females’ mind.  To do so, not only you need to read and understand the three principles I’m about to teach you, but you have to practice. Practice makes perfect, as they say. Now that you’re aware of this, let’s get started!

The rule #1 is: Women want what they can’t get.

What is this? Where’s the logic behind that? Well, gentlemen, I present you what, in our words, we call “women’s logic”! Ok, let’s get serious. When you’ll have kids (or maybe you already have kids), you’ll notice that they keep annoying you for toys and games until you buy them. And what they do after two or three days? You’ve guessed it, they stop playing with it, they have been satisfied. As a parent, this may be illogical for you, but it’s normal, as normal as girls wanting boys that, they think, are maybe too handsome, strong, intelligent, etc. and have no interest in them. The difference is, when they too are satisfied (they get in couple), they do not get tired of their boyfriend, they stay in love with them (as long as the boyfriend keeps working on the relation, but we’ll get to it another time).

So what you have to do now is stop being clinging with girls, especially (and I know you guys) with your crush. When you do this, she knows you’re interested in her. In her mind, you’re not a challenge for her, you’re too easy to get. So do the contrary, do the hard to get. It may seem easy, but you have to be careful not to do it too much, or she’ll take it bad and will not pay attention to you anymore. The best way to do it is to talk to her when she starts the conversation. On the other side, I advise you to always greet her when she comes by for the first time of the day (for example the morning at work or at school), even if she doesn’t do it by herself. You can also talk to other girls, which will show her you’re open to every girl and opens the door for me to explain you the second major rule about women’s psychology when it comes to seduction.


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